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Modern money require secure backend solution

Most often, however, we associate the name fintech with a specific market sector, bringing together companies that develop and provide tools useful in financial management. Naturally, the two meanings are closely related - at the end every consumer is primarily interested in the functionalities offered by specific products. However, the way these services are perceived may vary. They involve applications that allow for effective management of a household budget, handling of daily payments, debts on one hand, supporting currency exchange, business assistance or investment on capital markets on the other hand.

Emerge Soft is involved in various projects, touching the clue of the fintech market. Specializing in backend, including algorythmics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and integrations gives us a perfect position to become an expert in delivering innovative solutions related to finances and technology. The state of the fintech sector in Poland can be a reason to be proud: our country is one of the leaders in providing innovative solutions in the area of finance.

The insurtech market, which focuses on developing technologies to support the insurance segment, is also closely related to fintech. Both industries are obviously linked in many cases. Insurtech enables quick and easy insurance purchase, using for example a mobile application. When bundled with the on-line payments, it gives a great advantage over the traditional way of contracting, which is slow and inefficient.

The fintech industry is already strong and we expect it will continue to grow, constantly delivering new ideas and solutions. Using our knowledge and experience, we provide companies with support in requirements analysis, project management, design, implementation and deployment of advanced systems in the areas of finances and banking.