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Salesforce - a Part of the Customer’s Ecosystem​

Salesforce - one of the most recognizable platform in the world offering CRM solutions designed to be used in various industries, enabling better customer journey. Customer 360 directly affects the number of prospects acquired, contracts signed, products sold, and the quality of services provided.

Our team of matured experts with many years of experience in both the implementation of Salesforce products and their integration with other customer systems provides excellent support for customers who have or are considering using the Salesforce.

We are happy to share our knowledge and conduct projects by cooperating with clients or supporting their delivery teams.​

Our engineers can supply the project team with missing skills and valuable experiences. This is a good solution for companies that run the projects in the Salesforce area on their own and need to fill up the lack of competences or speed up the project. We can run the projects as well as the end-to-end delivery partner.

We are always ready to support our customers in their needs - speeding up the project, filling out lack of competences, supplying the expertise