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We care about user experience

The frontend is an integral part of today's information systems, designed and built to execute plans and achieve business goals. Without this layer, system users would have to be programming specialists, knowing the domain language, just to use the application.

Today this seems complicated and impractical, although just a few years ago such a situation was an everyday reality.

Fortunately, IT technologies are developing at an incredible pace. This gives us almost unlimited possibilities of shaping and adjusting our solutions to the needs of Customers and Users. Current standards tend to create complex layers of data visualization, which are so intuitive that using them is simple, fast and effective. User Interface and User Experience specialists are able to precisely predict and design the way in which the Users interact with the system. Introducing dynamic elements, using languages like JavaScript and TypeScript, changes the way of perceiving what is happening on the computer screen. Gamification elements are also introduced, which additionally makes working with applications more intuitive and pleasant, being less monotonous at the same time.

At Emerge Soft, we focus not only on advanced algorithmics and backend technologies, but also on data presentation layers. We perfectly understand that these two parts are strongly bonded - having both well-optimized server-side backend system connected with robust and functional frontend application is a key to success in most modern IT projects. Our engineers have appropriate knowledge and experience in designing and implementing advanced ergonomic graphic interfaces, increasing work efficiency and satisfaction of the system users. We follow the latest trends, using frameworks such as React, Angular and other top-end choices.