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Kiosks, self-checkout lanes, ticketing machines,
cash recyclers, smart safes and more.

Our Partner is the global leader in physical finance, dedicated to introducing innovative self-service experiences and operations for both Consumers and Employees. The Fintech IoT platform is built with an adaptable set of Software as a Service and machines with embedded systems and intelligent devices. All is bundled with professional, technical and merchant services. The platform unifies the management of transactions, users, devices and data across the enterprise, bringing digital precision to physical finance.

The main functionality of the system is related to payments.It enables in-person transactions at kiosks, self-checkout lanes, ticketing machines, cash recyclers, smart safes, and more. Precision and agility of digital commerce are its main advantages.

Our Partner provides various solutions in many areas and industries:


Unified transaction management for retail. The platform is a springboard to retail innovation, enabling to develop new self-service options that improve customer’s experience, boost in-store efficiency, and make better decisions for customer’s businesses. Customers can integrate all aspects of their physical retail transactions - kiosks, self-service check-out, traditional POS, and cash recyclers - into a single system to help manage everything in one place.

Mass Transit & Parking

Unified transaction management for mass transit and parking. The platform unifies all aspects of the payment journey for transport operators and related services, as well as the transit authorities. Connecting traveler transactions across channels with the back-office reconciliation into a single management system, the platform enables transit operators to be more efficient and focused on service innovations.

It also helps build turnkey transit systems that deliver speed, accuracy and accountability. It is working with a range of technology partners and service providers across the mobility, parking, and smart city domains.

Banking & Financial Services

Unified transaction management for financial services. The Platform powers self-service solutions and branch efficiency for banks and financial service providers. Design and deploy innovative self-service devices and then integrate them all into a single management system to streamline clients’ back-office branch operations. With the platform, clients can increase automation and provide greater customer service while boosting operational precision and margins.


Unified transaction management for vending and automats The Platform opens the door to a wide range of innovative new vending formats that can engage consumers in new ways by providing easier oversight and management of the fleet. The main goal is to design and deploy innovative self-service devices, integrating them into a single management system. With the platform, clients’ can extend the customer experience of vending or automat business, while also boosting operational precision and margins.

Cash Centers & Mints

Unified coin processing for cash centers and mints The Platform provides an automated, integrated and centralized approach to cash management for cash centers and mints. Automates clients’ core cash processing with innovative and ergonomic devices while connecting each device into a single processing system. Using this central cash system gives the possibility to decrease costs and increase security, while reducing human error. Another aspect of introducing such a solution is data-driven optimization and lean productivity.

Hospitality & Leisure

Unified transaction management for hospitality and leisure The Platform enables a wide range of businesses to develop new self-service options for previously staffed services, such as hotel check-in/check-out, key provisioning, ticket and pass sales, and other transactions. Usage of optimized solutions boosts operational efficiency and improves decision-making by unifying transactions and cash management into a single system, so a client can manage everything in one place.

OEMs & System Builders

Embeddable transactional technology The Platform is a development accelerator, designed around the needs of modern SIs that want to focus on user experiences, not back-end development. The components are building blocks for developing high-performing devices and machines. The software is deployable both on-device and in the cloud, comprising the backbone of your network of smart, connected devices.